Indonesian Hadith Retrieval System using Thesaurus

Along with the growth of Islamic religion in Indonesia, the need for information of Hadits becomes very important. Hadith as the second source of law in Islam after Al-Quran has a high position in moslem life. But application related with Hadith Retrieval is still limited. This limitation especially found in non-arabic language environment. Existing Hadith Retrieval System in Indonesia execute input query directly to DBMS, causing low quality search result. To overcome the problem, we try to implement thesaurus in the system. This study carried out research on the application of thesaurus for query expansion in Indonesian Hadith Retrieval System. Thesaurus construction done automatically using co-coccurence analysis followed by manual validation process. The thesaurus documents will be used in the process of query expansion while searching process. Performance measurements includes Precision at 10, Mean Average Precision (MAP) and Recall generated by the system after applying the thesaurus for query expansion. From the results, the accuracy for Precisison at 10 (P@10) increased by 34% between searches with query expansion using a thesaurus and without query expansion using thesaurus. As for the MAP value increased by 16% and 34% for recall.
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